PODCAST | "The AI Act: Behind the scenes" with Luca Bertuzzi

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Fairness (in particular procedural fairness) is not only an abstract concept reserved for academics and regulators. It is a concept with real-life implications that people from all venues of life reflect on, especially in the face of new technologies such as AI.

For the purpose of starting a general conversation on fairness from a variety of vantage points and for the purpose of sharing insights and information beyond the confines of academia, the JUST-AI ‘Meet the Expert’ Podcast offers a unique access to audiences from around the world to discussions with experts from various fields on the ways in which AI affects and is likely to affect our understandings of fundamental societal concepts like intelligence, humanity, democracy, fundamental rights and of course, fairness.

In this second episode, Ljupcho Grozdanovski interviews Lucca Bertuzzi (independent tech journalist).

Many questions come to mind when we think about the EU Regulation on Artificial Intelligence known as the AI Act. This highly ambitious, pioneering instrument seeks to set the global standard in AI regulation, by suggesting a four-level taxonomy of risks, ranging from non-high to unacceptable, the so-called high risk AI systems being those that arguably call for most caution, as they present elevated risk of fundamental rights violations and are, by virtue of the AI Act, subject to strict safety requirements.

Though a laudable first, the AI Act is not without its flaws. The lengthy discussions and amendments of this Regulation showed a lack of consensus within the EU legislature on how to best protect fundamental rights by applying the tried-and-true product safety regulatory logic. No one is better placed to talk about the tumultuous negotiations surrounding the AI Act than Luca Bertuzzi, an independent journalist in the field of new technologies.

In this episode of the JUST-AI Jean Monnet Podcast, Luca gives us a glimpse behind the scenes, astutely commenting on the ratio legis of the AI Act, but also highlighting possible shortcomings in this Regulation’s future application. So join us as we explore, together with Luca, the legal, economic and political controversies which preceded and ultimately shaped the AI Act as it is today.

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