From collaborative worker to obsolete worker: A study on the legal effects of work automation

  • Postdoctoral research funded by the David Constant Fund

Contact : Ljupcho GROZDANOVSKI & Fabienne KEFER


Innovating through collaboration in the public sector

  • BRAIN-be // BELSPO

Contact : Catherine FALLON

Price regulation in EU digital commerce

Price regulation in the light of European Union law : what regulatory powers do Member States still retain in relation to digital commerce transactions and intermediaries ?

  • PDR // FRS-FNRS Research Project


The financing of universal health coverage (CMU) in Senegal

  • Development Research Project (DRP) // ARES-CCD

Contact : Marc BOURGEOIS

Evaluation of Electronic Monitoring (2017-2022)

  • Research commissioned by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

Contact : Michaël DANTINNE


Arbovirus science based on blood transfusions


Contact : Pierre DELVENNE


Innovative and efficient health financing systems: Towards universal health coverage in developing countries

  • Concerted Research Actions ARC // ULiège

Contact : Marc BOURGEOIS

Moving Stems Cells to the Market: an Inquiry into the Circulation and Valuation of Stem Cells (2019-2022)

Traduction du titre en français: "Cellules en mouvement vers le marché: une enquête sur la circulation et la valuation des cellules souches" (2019-2022).

Contact : Pierre DELVENNE

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