Legal expertise

Legal expertise can be put at the service of third parties in many forms: support in the drafting of legislation, evaluation of legislation, advice on strategic decisions, advice in the context of litigation, etc. In all these facets and many others, the experts of the Law Department regularly collaborate with public authorities (federal, regional, community, etc.), with companies as well as with private individuals.


Tax law
Marc Bourgeois

  • Academic member of the "VAT Forum" of the European Commission
  • Expert in the House for the parliamentary special committee "Panama Papers"
  • Expert for the Brussels Government in the elaboration of the "Brussels tax reform"
  • Expert for the Brussels Government for the elaboration of a report on the "greening of the tax system
  • Academic consultancy mission for the Walloon Government on the "greening of the Walloon tax system" with delivery of a report
  • Permanent consultant to political parties on issues related to fiscal federalism and regionalization of taxation in Belgium
  • Drafting of tax decrees for the Walloon Region ("housing cheque"; taxation of "classified property")
  • Member of the Council of Taxation and Finance of Wallonia
  • Consultant to the Parliament of the German-speaking Community for the preparation of the next institutional reform
  • Expert "sixth state reform" on fiscal and financial issues
  • Expert in real estate taxation for the three regions

Contact : Marc Bourgeois

Constitutional law
Christian Behrendt


  • Audition au Parlement wallon sur la possibilité juridique d'interdire aux fonctionnaires locaux en contact avec le public le port de signes convictionnels ostentatoires. Namur, Belgium: Parlement wallon.
  • Audition au Sénat sur une proposition de loi spéciale visant à modifier la loi spéciale sur la Cour constitutionnelle (proposition Doc. parl. 6-273/1).
  • Audition à la Chambre des représentants sur les aspects constitutionnels du droit de grève. Brussels, Belgium: Chambre des Représentants, Commission des affaires sociales.

Prospective studies

Other studies

Contact : Christian Behrendt

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